Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. By now you are nearly as ready as you are going to be, I imagine. I sit here and think of folks basking in the lights of their trees with the beautifully wrapped gifts beneath, or sitting before a warm fire with a cozy shawl, a book, and a cup of spiked eggnog.

Then I think of everything I still have to do, and swear (nicely) that I will not be late again. Next year I am getting ready early for Christmas, sending cards and boxes on time, and having that nice evening of peace and comfort. I may spend it alone with my cats, but that doesn’t matter. I just want to be ready, and then be able to relax and feel the spirit.

I will shortly be packing gifts into my car and driving 70 miles north to visit my sister (fortunately the weather is behaving–usually there’s a winter storm at about this time), and so I hope you forgive me for cutting this short. But I am thinking of you all, lovers of Regencies, readers and writers both, and wishing you the Merriest Christmas of all.