Today I pose the semi-facetious question:

Is it really a Good Friday if you’re headed to your in-laws?

Not that they’re not lovely, and all, but the Spouse and I have both had a tough week, and what we would really like to do is not be actors in the Passive Aggressive Theatre this weekend.

So probably one can guess that I have not been able to write much this week, but I did have an epiphany regarding a current WIP. And I finished reading the third book in the Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne mystery series, penned by Julia Spencer-Fleming, which was incredible. Plus I watched the season finale of Life, starring Damian Lewis, which was just amazing.

Maybe it’s a Good Friday after all?

In doing a smidge of research (look! Megan does research!), I discovered that Easter in the Regency was when a lot of folks did traveling; for example, in Pride & Prejudice, Darcy visits his aunt at this time, and other of Austen’s books mention Easter travel as well.

The first recorded instance of egg-shaped candy is 1820, so we have our period to thank for that as well. Yay! One source mentions Austen herself would likely have had a quiet Easter, dyeing eggs and observing the religious significance.

Are you traveling this weekend? Do you have any unique Easter traditions? If you celebrate Passover, how were your seders? Did that Elijah ever show up?

Thanks! And have a Good Friday!