It is with great pleasure that I announce our save arrival, the roads being somewhat muddied and a great storm suffered at Baltimore, but all was well. My luggage arrived safely later that night by another conveyance and I am happy to report my bonnets, gowns etc. emerged quite unscathed.

All the ton was in attendance yesterday at the gathering of the Beau Monde, a bluestocking gathering accompanied by delicious food and edifying speakers. In the evening, after my maidservant had tied me into my gown, we attended the soiree, where I determined that a lady need not remove her gloves to drink a bottle of beer. Much dancing and merriment took place. The renowned Miss A— McC—- was in attendance, wearing a most elegant gown of dark red with matching shoes. Upon my admiration of her shoes, she admitted to Payless; my new shoes, golden slippers which proved excellent for dancing, came from Target.

We have reason to believe pictures will be available at a later date.

The weather is quite fine although somewhat heavy and humid as one would expect.

I remain, my dear friends, your most devoted friend, etc.