Greetings from England, where I arrived abnormally early yesterday morning for a visit to the Old Man Who Is Not a Tree, and spent the rest of the day reminding him who I was and drinking tea.

So absolutely no nuggets of interesting English stuff–yet. I’m off to London today and plan to take the trip up the river to Greenwich from Westminster. I remembered to pack the camera and IF I remember to take it with me, remember that I have it, and take some photos… well, there may be pix. No promises and probably not as good as this.

Other activities–trying to get together with various people, at least one more trip to London to meet my lovely editor and my lovely new editor who’s inheriting me, meeting up with friends and who knows what… oh, and the British Museum and the V&A and possibly a couple of guided walking tours (I claim tourism status–I’m qualified).

And I really recommend a book I started reading on the plane and possibly left there–Author Author by David Lodge–a novel about Henry James.

What are you up to?