Now, this morning I thought I might write about the insights I gleaned at last week’s New Jersey RWA Conference; or, I thought, maybe I’d talk about reading the third book in a trilogy that had a huge build-up of a relationship without a satisfying resolution (they got together, I think, but I didn’t get to read about the whole event. Ahem. I like reading about events).

But then I thought boring and decided to talk about Halloween! I love the holiday; our house is decorated with skulls, black velvet, mirrors, pumpkins and spiders. My son has a distinct flair for picking Halloween costumes. Last year he was Gene Simmons (that’s him in the pic; the second pic includes my husband, who dressed as a roadie) and this year, he decided he would be a . . . giant eyeball. My mother-in-law is a costuming genius (she made the Simmons outfit, I did the make-up), and this year, she has outdone herself. This pic below is the inspiration for his costume; there’s a very obscure musical collective called the Residents who perform in these outfits and have never shown their faces. And can I say? His costume looks almost exactly like these guys. I’ll post pix at my own spot next week.

My only issue with these costumes is that it looks like we’re trying to be those lame pushing their kids into coolness parents. And we’re not! He thought of these by himself, we had no input; can we help it if he is cool on his own?

So Happy Halloween, everyone! Some burning questions: Do you still dress up? What’s your most and least favorite Halloween candy? What are your kids going as for Halloween? What was your favorite costume when you were growing up?