And apologies that this image is the only Regency-related item in this post. Right now, I’m snatching time to compose this post between school winter parties and packing for a trip to my parents and I have nothing relevant to say, except that maybe some of you can relate to my state last Saturday afternoon…

After coming home after running errands in blistering cold, I stared at my To Do List and felt so overwhelmed that I decided to make a fresh pot of coffee. So I rinsed the pot, ditched the old filter and discovered that the garbage can in the kitchen was full. I went out to the garage to throw it out.

As I returned to the kitchen, I saw the tray of cookies we were going to use as part of our Christmas tree decoration and remembered that I needed to put yarn through them for hanging. So I went upstairs to look for the white yarn, which I thought was in the sewing basket in the linen closet. Well, the yarn wasn’t in the sewing basket, but I ran across some crochet hooks, which reminded me that I planned to make a scarf for a friend and was going to shop for materials the next day. So I went through the crochet hooks and made a list of the sizes I own, to avoid buying more duplicates.

Then I remembered that I was there for yarn and concluded it must be in the larger craft box in the garage. As I headed to the garage, I passed the downstairs closet, saw my purse and remembered I was out of tissues. I made a mental note to get a small packet from the upstairs closet (where I’d just been, of course). Then I wandered into the kitchen and saw that I hadn’t put a new liner into the garbage can. I did that and then noticed the coffee pot still in the sink.

So I made some coffee, which made me want a cookie, which reminded me that I still needed that white yarn. So I headed back out to the garage and got the yarn. I drank some coffee, prepared the cookies for hanging, and felt a glowing sense of closure as I got ready to tackle the rest of my list.

But I didn’t get a packet of tissues into my purse until Monday.

Anyone else have days like these?

By the time this is posted, I will be on my way to my parents’ house, looking forward to a traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve dinner, complete with smoked eel (ugh) and honey spice cookies (yum)! I hope you are all planning something fun and warmest wishes for a happy holiday!