Yesterday, I got word that I got a job writing back cover copy for–yes–romance novels! How awesomely cool is that?

And then I felt mildly okay about myself that I was such a punster, because that kind of wordplay will come in handy when writing those big font lines that entice the reader.


He Was Mad . . .

Lord McCrazypants has been shut in his castle alone for nearly ten years. Distraught after the death of his beloved pet snake–a rarity in his native Ireland–Feargal slithers around his castle, looking menacing, fiercely handsome and muscular, despite not doing anything but the aforementioned slithering. And then he discovers his inner snake . . .

. . . But She Was Crazy For Him

Miss Uprightly British detests Ireland. The only good thing? No snakes. So when Miss Brit gets accidentally sent to a castle inhabited by an insane lord with a passion for the no-footed reptiles, Miss Brit hisses. But when she finds the lord is handsome and muscular and has a way of making her blood run cold, she knows he will slither his way into her heart. And she will shed her prissy skin.

Heh. I have, unfortunately for him, passed on my love of puns and wordsmithery to my son; he’s ten, and his class did a long study of the War Between the States. His essay on it was titled “This War Is Anything But Civil.” My poor husband just sighed, remembering how I’d told him I’d written a paper on Hamlet titled “Hamlet: A Not So Great Dane.”

So anyway, not much else to add; I’ve been writing every day, adding a new freelance job to the already busy mix (see above), and enjoying Spring. More on the new job, the writing and all that kind of stuff in future Fridays. Meanwhile, wanna take a stab at writing some back cover copy yourself?