Our own historic events this week seem too important to ignore, especially if you live where I do, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. No matter what your political views, you cannot escape the excitement generated by this inauguration. Like many residents of the area, we’ll be staying home for the event itself, but Saturday my husband and I went downtown to look at the preparations for the Inauguration. Thought I’d share.

Here I am in the front of the Capitol. This is where the Oath of Office used to be taken, until Reagan was inaugurated. It is the West view of the Capitol that faces the Mall where the Oath is taken now.

The front of the Capitol faces the Library of Congress, one of the most beautiful buildings in DC.

Here I am in front of the West view. This is as close as we could get. Notice all the chairs and the bleachers.

Here’s a close up view of the podium (the semi-circular place)where Obama will take the oath of office.

This is the view Obama will see.

Most spectators will be watching on screens like this. This screen was on and showing bison or something running from a fire.

The Press were already setting up. See MSNBC and the Smithsonian Castle in the background.

But here were the real preparations. Porta-potties everywhere.

Which makes you wonder what people did in the Regency when they gathered for parades and festivities. I shudder to think.

The best part, though, was seeing everyone downtown smiling. That never happens in DC.

So do you wish you could be in Washington DC to attend? We’re expecting 2 million people.
What do you think it would have been like in London for the Waterloo or Trafalgar celebrations?

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