Every single magazine or bit on a morning show will encourage us all to ‘take some time for ourselves’ during the holidays.


But I think it’s an important task to keep in mind, especially at this time of year, when women try to do everything for everybody else and wear themselves out and down.

(And yes, I do think women have this tendency more than men. Not a judgment on either gender, just a tendency).

This year, therefore, I resolve to give thanks to myself in a couple of different ways:

1. Take frequent baths. Bubbles optional.

2. Read whatever I want. Take that, television!
3. Sneak a book for me into whatever Amazon order I make.
4. Drink hot cider.
5. Find time to write, just so my head doesn’t leave the story too much.
6. Find time to exercise, so my natural holiday indulgence doesn’t make me sob too much in January.
7. Nap when needed.
8. Email random, often goofy, things to friends, although I will never–NEVER–forward jokes to a mass group of people. You are welcome.
9. Request movies from Netflix that would otherwise embarrass me to admit I watched (and probably liked). Do not admit I watched or liked them, and return quickly (The work of Jason Statham? Dragonwyck starring Vincent Price and Gene Tierney? Yet another version of Lady Chatterley’s Lover? No. None of those, of course not!)
10. Grab my son and hug him whenever I want. He’ll be refusing hugs soon enough (he’s nine now).

Do you do anything special FOR YOURSELF this time of year? What stresses you out the most? What is your favorite holiday thing to do?