Hello, Risky Readers! I’m back from my travels, and ready to get back to writing and blog-reading (after finishing the laundry, anyway). It was a wonderful trip, and in the next few weeks I’m sure I’m going to be using my research in lots of posts. It’s hard to narrow down what I liked best (chocolate eclairs, maybe?), but these were some favorites:

Versailles: I especially loved walking around the gardens (the weather was beautiful), and exploring the Domaine de Marie Antoinette (the Petit Trianon and the too-cute-for-words Hameau)

Artists’ walk in Montmartre: I saw where Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Picasso, and many others lived and worked (plus Amelie’s cafe!)

Bath: This was just a quick day trip, but I got to have tea with the lovely Nicola Cornick at the Pump Room! Also explored museums and walked along the Circus and the Royal Crescent (there was an exhbit of costumes from Miss Austen Regrets at the Jane Austen Centre)

The Globe: I went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe; Shakespeare as it was originally seen! (Sort of–it was an evening show, with artifical lights. But still magical)

Lunch with the Harlequin editors: That’s Linda Fildew and Joanne Carr with my mother and me, at an adorable French restaurant near their offices in Richmond! They have promised to visit Risky Regencies very soon, so stay tuned.

All in all, a fabulous visit, despite the exchange rate. What have you all been up to in my absence?? I see I missed dancing, books coming out, and Isaac Mizrahi interviews!

And, just in case you’re in the Christmas spirit (and who isn’t on October 4??), A Homespun Regency Christmas is on shelves now. It features my novella Upon a Midnight Clear (one of my favorite things I wrote for Signet Regencies), along with stories by Sandra Heath, Carla Kelly, and Emma Jensen.

A bientot! Happy Saturday, everyone.