Isn’t summer supposed to be a time of leisure? Of Summer Fridays, lounging by the pool, drinking festive cocktails?

Oh, right. That’s for people who work or don’t have kids. Or both. Not neither.

But thanks to the continuing aging of my child (we BEGGED him to stay five years old, he was so cute, but would he? No.), it is way easier to amuse him or let him just hang out on his own and amuse himself (see: video games).

I still haven’t been writing much, nor even yet reading all that much either. But in the course of my freelance work, and to follow up on my post last week, I read a story about libraries trying to revitalize themselves in the 21st century, with some of them moving to shopping malls, adding cafes, even going so far as to add drive-in windows! The good news for my own library is that funding wasn’t completely savaged, so neighborhood libraries will be open five days a week and the campaign raised $320,000 with 30,000 advocacy messages sent to the powers-that-be.

Meanwhile, it’s not all freelance and entertaining the child (which, to be honest, is usually him rolling his eyes at his mom’s antics. Heh. He’s only 11. Wait for a few years, hon, then I’ll really embarrass you!).

We are heading on vacation, going to visit a fabulous aquarium, see gorgeous scenery, eat nommy food and–in the best part for me–not have to cook or clean for almost a whole week! And then when we return I will, hopefully, settle back into a routine that includes writing. The Champion Agent is waiting for more pages from me, which is a nice feeling.

And you? Any fun or not-so-fun plans for the summer?

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