How do you celebrate a special achievement?

Do you treat yourself to flowers?

Or do you like to frolic online and shop, which is what I’ve been doing quite a lot of recently, with the excuse of buying Christmas presents.

My first stop was at Alibris where I spent a lot of time and more money than I should have, grabbing cheap second-hand copies of various books I’ve been meaning to read for some time.

I’ve also been at Ebay quite a lot, too, where you can look at all sorts of stuff you can’t possibly afford to buy–antiques and so on–but one of my major sources for presents. And I just, uh, happened to win the bid on these little darlings today. No, they’re not diamonds. They’re not old. But I think they’re cool.

And the reason for this hedonism? I finished my first book writing as Jane Lockwood, an erotic historical now called Forbidden Shores (NAL Heat, September 2007). When I say finished, I mean some victims are doing a cold read for me, I’ll make major, panicky changes, and get it to the editor in a couple of weeks, doubtless with major trauma via Fedex and holiday shipping schedules, and…

Well, you get the idea. So I’m splurging a bit, using the excuse that I save on shipping.

Now tell us what you do as a special treat when you have something to celebrate!

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