Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to start reading Amanda McCabe‘s new book, A Notorious Woman, which is released in August 1 (pre-ordering is easy! Click here!)

Both the hero and heroine have Big Secrets; I am dying to know what they are, but I am content to wait until Amanda sees fit to tell me; see, I like Big Secrets. It draws out the drama and suspense a little more.

One of my critique partners, the Wise Writing Friend, dislikes them, and chides me when I try to do one–maybe I’m doing them clumsily, but I get the feeling she plain doesn’t like them. There are some people who think the author is trying to trick them, or maybe they think it’s lazy writing.

In thinking about books with Big Secrets, I recall Tracy Grant‘s Secrets of A Lady, which has a whopper of a secret (and whose book is released July 31! Interviewed here on Sunday!), Mary Doria Russell‘s The Sparrow, the Harry Potter series (um . . . what are you doing tonight at 12:01am?), and Charles Willeford‘s Cockfighter.

What examples can you think of? Do you like the use of the Big Secret?

*The Romantics, “Talking In Your Sleep.” HA! Gave you an earworm again, didn’t I?