Hello! I’m back from a wonderful, wonderful vacation (more on that later) and now bravely facing the overgrown lawn and garden, hundreds of emails and mountains of laundry–along with celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the Riskies and our amazing makeover. 🙂

Being near the end of the week, I’m at risk of echoing what other Riskies have already said, but I can only say that the most delightful thing about this blog and our lovely community is the shared passions for history, the Regency, romance and the writing journey itself.

Looking back at this year, I’ve enjoyed writing all sorts of posts. Here are some of my favorites.

In Heroines and Heroes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, I blogged about the actors I use for inspiration for my characters and how they did or didn’t translate to cover art. I hope you all found the insight into that process entertaining!

I always love to share research tidbits, especially in matters military, such as in Roughing It. This is the perfect place for it…where else can one debate the potential hotness of the Duke of Wellington without being thought a complete lunatic? (Of course since visiting Monticello I’m considering the potential hotness of Thomas Jefferson, but that’s another post.)

Sometimes I like talking about topics related to romance, such as How much should we care? (about romance being dissed in the media) or Tortured or trite? (on romance conflicts that involve PTSD, addition and other serious trauma). I always love to hear all your viewpoints, even if (perhaps especially if) they don’t match my own. I like having my world expanded and you all have helped to do that one way or another. Thank you!

Many of you have already told us which sorts of posts you enjoy and what you’d like to see more of, but do please feel free to add more! And let me know which sorts of posts of mine you enjoy most.

To a commenter chosen at random, I will send:
– plus your choice of one of my earliest releases, either LORD LANGDON’S KISS or HIS BLUSHING BRIDE (an anthology with Regina Scott and Alice Holden).

Remember, prizes will be awarded at the end of this week so feel free to visit earlier posts as well.

Thanks again for making this such a delightful community!