Yesterday, I had another whole post planned out then–well, life intervened! It was a crazy day, full of bathroom repair mayhem. In addition, Blogger was very slow, and I decided to wait until the morning to post something. I’m on my way to work, so that planned post can wait until next week, and I am going to throw today’s topic to you! On the addictive site Go Fug Yourself, they often have reader polls on certain outfits, which I have a ridiculous amount of fun taking part in. Now it’s your turn to pass judgment on certain historical ladies and their style choices. Who do you think is In, and who is Out?

And I will give away a signed copy of the UK edition of To Catch a Rogue (not out in the US until next spring!) to one random commenter–no matter what your opinion is!

Empress Eugenie: In or Out?
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire: in or Out?
Princess Charlotte: In or Out?
Berthe Morisot: In or Out?
Queen Elizabeth I: in or Out?
Therese Tallien: In or Out?
Princesse de Lamballe: In or Out?
Maria di Cosimo: In or Out?