…I am now published in German. I learned this when a package of several of my book DECEIVING MISS DEARBORN” arrived with a new cover and title. The title in German is Ist Ihr Herz Noch Frei, Mylord?

I believe the title translates to “Is Your Heart Free, My Lord,” but I’m not staking my life on it. I don’t know German except for a few random words. If my first foreign-published book had been in French, I’d have a good shot at reading it, but German–unfortunately, not.

I have to say that the cover art is gorgeous! The binding, however, has a magazine-weight cover, rather like the Reader’s Digest.

I noticed many Regencies on the publisher’s site, www.cora.de. If you want to see the lovely covers (although they are small), select the button “My Lady.” There are four “my lady” imprints–Mine is under “My Lady.” There is also “My Lady Royal,” which I can only suppose might be “super regencies,” and then there is “My Lady Duett” and “My Lady Weihnachtsband,” which appears to be holiday Regencies. You will see some authors very familiar to English-language readers.

So…I happen to have two books out at once since WHEN HORSES FLY is out in the US as of October. Now, that’s a unique concept to me!

A final thought…the Regency is alive and well, although perhaps translated to a different language. I went to Amazon.fr and saw Zebra Regencies printed in French (although Signets appeared only to be available in English). I would like to know more foreign publishers of Regencies, so please contribute if you have information!

Have a wonderful weekend!