As those of us in the States know, today is the Fourth of July, where we celebrate our Independence.

I’d like to take a moment to celebrate our individual independence, and ask you for your thoughts. I’ll start:

I am grateful to be independent of:

–arranged marriages
–men making all my decisions for me
–having to wear body-covering clothing all the time, even when it’s 90 degrees out
–worrying about how I can survive as a genteel gentlewoman with very little fortune
–dying in childbirth
–those tiny little sausage curls
–ill-fitting shoes
–listening to ladies who cannot play perform on the pianoforte
–not being able to get more education than what is provided by a governess
–feeling guilty for having sexual thoughts

I am grateful to be dependent on:

–air conditioning
–indoor plumbing (you knew it was coming)
–my iPod
–comfortable shoes
–albuterol for my asthma

So–what about you?