This morning, I gotta warn you, I am MEGA-CRABBY. There are many legitimate reasons for this, not just pantomime ones, including not sleeping enough because the husband was away last night, and while I like it when he goes away (MI-5! Jammies by 9! Brussels sprouts for dinner!), I find it hard to get to sleep. So last night I had a whiskey at 12:30, which helped, but then I felt lame I had to use a crutch. And woke up headachey and sleep-deprived.

And I am aggrieved by a few online situations, which led me to think about how the internet–that is, the corner of it inhabited by romance authors and readers–is similar to the world of the ton, as described in our books:

*Claustrophobic. You can’t get away from it, unless you check out of Society/the Internet entirely.

*Gossipy. Everybody knows everybody else’s business.

*Reputations are made, and destroyed, with a few quick strokes.

*You can get, and give, the cut direct: Not responding to email, declining to follow someone on Twitter or friend them on Facebook.

*You can also make friends quickly, based on a few common interests: Finding a husband, not finding a husband, what you like to read, whether you’re interested in knitting, or reading, or vampires.

*Certain sites or group of sites seem to have their own Almack’s style patronesses: Either you’re in or you’re out.

Do you think these general guidelines are true for any social group? What do you like best about the Internet ton? What do you like the least? And thanks for joining the Riskies group today!