Janet is having technical difficulties, so there was no post yesterday. But the Riskies hope you’ve all had a lovely Thanksgiving and we are grateful for having such nice visitors!

As for today, since I’ve been working very hard lately, and so have my daughters (challenging academic loads and college applications for the oldest!) we’ve decided to do the opposite of the typical Black Friday.

The idea of a “Jama Day” came from this Peter Mayer song about spending a day in your pajamas as if “you don’t have a job, not even a resume.”

Our “Jama Day” is going to be a little more structured than in the song, partly because we’re doing it as a group and also because it’s not in my nature to be completely unstructured. Ironically, that would stress me out and being stressed out is not the point!

aragornSo we decided to do a Lord of the Rings marathon. We laid in a supply of easy munchies, some healthy (quacamole and chips, hummus and veggies) some not so much (M&Ms, donuts for breakfast and of course, cake). For dinner, we’ll have mushroom pizza in honor of the hobbits.

Soon I will be off to have some donuts and watch the first movie.

So what are you all doing today? I hope you’re enjoying the day in the way you like best.