This week, RWA’s National Conference was moved from Nashville, TN to Orlando, FL. This was necessitated by the devastating flooding that hit Music City, USA; the hotel at which the conference was to be held is under at least six feet of water.

RWA moved with amazing speed, rebooking the conference for the same dates within two days in Orlando. Immediately, my close friend–and usually on-same-page-as-me-with-most-everything twin–Liz Maverick said we had to go to Disneyworld. To which I replied, “No effing way.” Only I didn’t say ‘effing.’

I have to admit: I hate Mickey Mouse. Despise him. Loathe him. I know it might be odd, in any other context but ours, to admit to hating a fictional character, a cartoon fictional character no less, but I know my fellow readers will understand.

Some fictional characters are so real you can have as potent emotions about them as you would people in your real life. For most of us, it’s the heroes and heroines we recall, but what about the people we hate? Aunt Reed in Jane Eyre, Obadiah Hakeswill in the Sharpe series, Iago in Othello, heck, Scar in The Lion King!–clever, smart, wicked people who almost get the upper hand in their dealings with the more heroic characters.

Mickey, to my disgust, has nothing delightfully villainous about him. I cannot stand his white gloves, his high voice and the fact that he is not funny. I wish he were devious, the way Daffy Duck is (I know one is Disney and one is Warner Bros.; bear with me). He’s not dumb, but he’s not smart, particularly. He’s left his girlfriend hanging for years, and he has no visible means of support. I just can’t stand him or his stupid little ears.

But, meanwhile, I will be happy to be in Orlando, and am always happy to talk about the Most Wickedest of Villains here; who do you nominate? Which villain, to your mind, is the most memorable?