As our and future generations dive further into the electronic technological age, some folks worry that good grammar, spelling, etc. will suffer.

And yes, it is true that 1 is frced to shrtn cert. wds in order to fit them into Twitter or a text.

But as long as there are writers, there will be attention to writing’s form.

And one thing I am Very Fond of is Random Capitalization. I use it in my own writing, particularly the humorous Regency-set stuff I write (I just finished one project this week, woot!). I believe I first encountered it in reading P.G. Wodehouse and Georgette Heyer; I’m not sure if the latter intended to Make a Point with her capitalization, but I know the former did. Wodehouse was excruciatingly particular when it came to his writing, including the capitalization.

I love it. It makes a normal sentence POP and SHINE, and really adds a dry wit (my favorite kind!) to the prose.

Capitalization is used in SF/F as well, only it’s not Random; it usually signifies a specific place (like Chaos in Meljean Brook‘s Demon series, or idea that is particular to the book, and of course I can’t think of an example, only I know they’re out there).

But when applied with a deft touch, and to Make a Point? Sublime perfection. And if authors and readers appreciate it–and other nuances of writing–I don’t think we’ll have to worry too much about how our language is getting degraded. It’s changing, for sure, but that’s not necessarily a Bad Thing.

Do you have a new favorite thing to write, read or say? What’s the best and worst part about new ways of communication?