… and liking it, by golly.

I’m the last person I thought would be blogging on the writer’s life (whatever that is), but I got such lovely responses last week from my blog about putting back the joy I thought I’d continue in the same vein.

So, today I started making my list of things to do. This is my alleged writing day when I don’t go into the day job. Funnily enough it fills up with all sorts of oddities–purely because I let it, but also it’s unrealistic for me to sit down at my desk and write for eight hours or so straight. I know some people can do it, but even when I was in my writing addiction phase I’d, oh, you know, take bathroom breaks, eat, drink tea.

So the other things on my list today were as follows:

Help local chapter find workshop location. Done.

Reschedule storm door installation. Possibly done.

Don’t drink too much coffee. It’s my latest treat. I may have some decaff later.

Do laundry. Done.

Tame shoes.
Bought online, hurt me although they look incredibly comfortable, can’t return them, but I love the look of them. So I’m wearing a strange assortment of socks and liners.

Rip up carpeting on basement stairs. Postpone. I know it will become a massive job for unforeseen factors–cleaning, pulling up every single tack, discovering that a new paint job is needed, picking the paint color, painting (at least two coats) spending hours on eBay looking for substitute carpeting… oh, sorry, this is about writing, isn’t it?

We are all blessed with a zillion distractions.

I think it’s a question of finding a rhythm that suits you, whether you use a kitchen timer, unplug your internet connection (oops, I have wireless), or use a rewards system. Don’t stress it because you know you’ll get stuck in a morass of agony–oh my god, I’ve been online for an hour following link after link…

Make it a pleasant experience–my office is the warmest room in the house and that’s a definite plus. I have a nice selection of music. I can look out of the window. And most important, I can shut the door.

I limit my online access but I must share with you the following links. This is the funniest complaint about online food, with pictures, that I’ve seen. And talking of the undead, check this out–the latest Jane Austen, uh, tribute (thanks to Smart Bitches for the link). And the Cake Wrecks blog is always a joy.

What are your tricks for keeping writing or doing whatever must be done and which should be, but isn’t always, its own reward? Do you use bribery (if I write X thousand words then I can…) or teeth-gritting or what?

Do share!