Gah. I had a good topic (not a great one, but a good one) for today, but thanks to the combination of the World Series, early mornings, touring middle schools for the ten year-old, back spasms, etc., I am in no mood. None at all. Except a bad one.

BUT I am writing a synopsis, this one hopefully with actual plot and stuff, and I’ve been reading some great stuff, including the first in Jim Butcher‘s Codex Alera series. I was astounded that Butcher is as adept in science fiction/fantasy as he is with his Harry Dresden series, which I guess is urban fantasy. Despite the same words, the two genres are quite distinct, and I was expecting the Codex Alera series to be a second banana to Dresden. But it’s not. There are a few authors who can write equally well in different genres –I’d say Anne Stuart, Barbara Hambly, Lois McMaster Bujold; I know many would cite Nora Roberts, with her J.D. Robb pseudonym, as well (I haven’t read Roberts, and read one Robb only, so I can’t comment myself).

So here’s your question today: What other genre would you like to see your favorite Regency author tackle (me, I think Amanda would SPARKLE at YA!)? Which are your favorite two-or-more-genre authors? And what should I do to shove this bad mood off my back (the spasming back, natch)?