Christmas Eve at the Country House

So sorry to be posting later than usual, but here at the country house, we have been supervising the bringing in of the Yule log, and, I must say, it is fatiguing to watch the workers do such manual labor!

The Baron’s Yule Feast-A Christmas Rhyme
By Thomas Cooper

They pile the Yule-log on the hearth,
Soak toasted crabs in ale;
And while they sip, their homely mirth
Is joyous as if all the earth
For man were void of bale.

Please note that the crabs Cook toasted were crab apples, not the sea creature sort.

So while we are here sipping ale and having some homely mirth, I wish you your own Yule log


Do not allow the fire to go out. It is bad luck.

Wishing all our Risky friends a very Merry Christmas. May it be filled with every good thing.