I’m just going to ramble today because you already heard from me yesterday about The Vanishing Viscountess. By the way, I’ll pick a winner of the book at midnight tonight.

I’m telling you, you all put me to the blush with the nice things you said yesterday. It made me feel really really good and in a few days, when I’m stuck on whatever project I turn to next, I’m going to try to rememember to reread all your lovely comments. (Either that or start pulling at my hair and rending my garments)

I do hope you go look at my Google Map on my website. If you click on the placemarkers you can see the Road Trip. And if you enlarge the map you can see the placemarkers along the side. It is easier to read.
It was fun making the map so I’m really excited to share it.

Talking about the problems of writing a Road Story in the January Romantic Time BOOKreviews, here yesterday, and on my website led me to thinking a lot about the research I do and how I do it. I will not claim to be an expert at this, but I do have my own way of doing it. I’ll be talking about research in various places in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow and Wednesday on Romantic Inks where I’ll be giving away a copy of Innocence and Impropriety.

January 15 on Romance Vagabonds, those lovely and enthusiastic writers.

I’ll also be doing a chat January 15 9 to 10 PM ET at Mystic Castle. Chats always intimidate me because I’m always afraid I’ll forget how to get into the chatroom (I always manage). So come ahead of time so you can figure out how to get in, too.

An interview on History Hoydens Jan 15 and more on research Jan 17.

And I’m talking about Research on The Wet Noodle Posse on Jan 10. “How Much to Research Before You Start Your Book.”

Speaking of The Wet Noodle Posse (2003 Golden Heart Finalists), we (and this includes our Janet, too, another noodler) are embarking on a year long blogging project, covering all aspects of how to write a romance novel. Here’s our promotional blurb and a contest at the end for including this blurb on your blogs and websites.

The Wet Noodle Posse had such a great time with our month of Golden Heart prep that we’re giving away writing tips…one month at a time. In addition to book and critique giveaways, join Q&A sessions and read guest blogs from bestselling writers like Sherrilyn Kenyon and Gena Showalter.

Check out our line-up of topics!

January-Getting Started (goals, choosing story idea, focus, etc.)
February-Character Development (names, physical descriptions, backstory, etc.)
April – Conflict
June-Business side of Writing (market, marketing, promotion, etiquette)
July-Prepping for Conference (both for national and smaller conferences)
August-Inspiration (for stories and for keeping yourself going)
September-Writer Health (physical and mental)
October-GH Preparation
November-Writing Challenges (NaNo, BIAW, turning off the internal editor, etc.)

Get great information in a fun community! Visit http://wetnoodleposse.blogspot.com/

You can enter to win Barnes and Noble.com gift certificates by posting this news release on your blog or forwarding to a chapter/group e-mail loop or newsletter. To be eligible, e-mail the particulars of your forward/post to jillmonroe@cox.net and post no later than January 20, 2008. A random drawing will determine the winner(s) of the gift certificates.

All this should keep you busy, but don’t forget to READ and, if you are one of the writers, to WRITE. I think I’ll tear my hair out and rend my garments because I’m not sure I have that much to say about research!!!! Yikes!

If you have a chance to look at my Google Map, let me know what you think! And I’m game for more The Vanishing Viscountess sightings to be reported!