This coming weekend is bittersweet, I think, for moms: On the one hand, we get to relax, eat lavishly decadent muffins, be appreciated for what we do.

On the other hand? It’s one day.

That is a bummer. Not to mention, I think if most moms were honest, ones with young children, at least, what we’d say we want most is time to ourselves, away from our families, with a nap or two to take without guilt (yes, I am speaking for myself, but I think that other moms feel this way too, no? Tell me if I am wrong).

Instead, what we get is eggs benedict and a chance to spend time with our kids and our spouse, as though we don’t spend enough time with the former as it is. The latter is off working or whatever usually, but it’s not like we can do what we’d really like to do with our spouse when the kids are around. Just sayin’.

So today I’d like to invite all of us moms–and working women in general–to share what they REALLY want as a treat. No guilt, no judgment, you know your family members aren’t gonna be popping by here or anything.

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

I want:

A chocolate chip scone.
A latte with whole milk.
A beer at 2 in the afternoon.
After going to the gym.
A chance to read by myself on the couch.
Wine later.
At least two naps.
My husband to tell me how nice I look.
An obscure noir movie to watch in the evening.

And I think that covers it. How about you?

And Happy Mother’s Day!