My first book was released today! It’s a strange feeling. I went over to my local bookstore, and there it was — on the shelves! That’s me. My book. My name on the cover. My picture in the back.

The best part? Strangers will go into a bookstore, find my book, and pay five dollars for the privilege of reading it. Isn’t that insane??? Of course, I think my novel is well worth the money, but still — it’s a dizzying feeling.

So…here’s a question for everyone. When was the first time you realized that books were written by real people? Real, flesh-and-blood, might-live-next-door people? Were you a kid? A teen? Did the true realization not hit you until you were an adult? How did it happen? Please share!

Cara King,
MY LADY GAMESTER — in bookstores now!!!!