In the past week, I’ve been revising my latest manuscript. And come to the awful conclusion: My heroine is easy.

Anytime the hero gets all arrogantly green-eyed on her, she melts into a puddle. Not good if the whole point of the story is to draw out the dramatic tension–will they or won’t they? If THIS heroine is involved, they will.


I’m not going to change the story, since my heroine is who she is, but I have to wonder if she is heroic, given how susceptible to Mr. Green Eyes she is. She has other qualities, to be sure, but the fact remains that she likes to suck face with the hero.

In reviewing my other manuscripts, the heroines vary in personality, of course, but they do have that one quality in common. Hm. I think it’s because I abhor the ‘I secretly love it, but I’ll protest to show how ladylike I am’ heroine. If you like what he’s doing, make sure he knows it, is my writing theory. Plus I picture my hero looking like this:

How can she resist?!?

Of course, then someone might label her a slut. Like I just did.

What do you think about this kind of heroine?