Like Elena’s kids, my son is back in school. Hopefully unlike hers, mine is already hating it. I don’t think he’ll like school until college, and maybe not even then. Anyway. This has been an exhausting week, and I am completely uninspired.

But I do have pictures!

Our summer started out in Minnesota, where my son went to sailing school (my mom is from there, my whole family–except me–sails). That first picture is from the sailing school island, out on Lake Minnetonka.

Then it was Birthday time.Then we went to Cape Cod, to visit my dad. I forgot to bring my camera. Then to the Jersey Shore, where we frolicked on the beach and ate lots and lots of ice cream. The son made me go on one amusement park ride, to try to scare me, and although I wasn’t scared, I did get nauseated. Ah, the price of motherhood.

The beach was fantastic.

What did everyone else love this summer?

*I edited some pix from before.