Between all the holiday madness/eating/parade watching/deadlines/revisions/last-minute wedding plans, I realized I have a book out now!!!  It was available November 20, and, if I do say so myself, it would make a great holiday present for any romance reader. 🙂

The Scandalous St. Claires series is one to follow. In a genre best known for it’s fairly rigid underpinnings it is refreshing to find an author who so skillfully colors outside the lines.
Fresh Fiction review

Two Sinful Secrets is the second in my “Scandalous St. Claires” series by my slightly naughtier other half Laurel McKee.  I’ve loved working on this series–it gives me the chance to delve into the Victorian period, both the glitzy side of wealth and fashion and the seamier side of theaters, brothels, and gambling clubs, thanks to the feud between the ducal Huntingtons and the theater owning St. Claires.  In the first book, One Naughty Night, I used the quietest member of the St. Claire family, Lily, as my heroine–now I use the most outgoing, flamboyant, charming sibling, Dominic (who has a much darker side).  I loved seeing him gobsmacked by love with the beautiful, independent Sophia Huntington!  She really took me by surprise in so many ways….

Laurel McKee is a truly talented author, bringing to life her characters in this awesome tale.
Under the Covers review

Ms McKee writes a very Shakespeareanesq novel.. it is hard to describe how her characters face life in ways that only Shakespeare could really understand. She has dark and sinister villains, complex heroes, feuding families and yes great romance. I liked how she intertwined these themes with the fact that her characters were a family of actors..

This was a wonderful story and many times I had tears in my eyes.. I wanted so much for Sophia, I wanted her to have it all.. and it was wonderful to watch her work for it.
–Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy 

I have to say, I think this cover is one of my most favorite ever.  And I got to set the first half of the book in Paris!!  What could be more romantic than Victorian Paris? 🙂

So I’m giving away a signed copy today to one lucky commenter!  Do you like family feud romances?  Heroes from the wrong side of the (Victorian) tracks?  Independent heroines??   What do you look for in a holiday read?

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