Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s been an exciting few days around here–there was an earthquake on Saturday (!!), the first one I’ve ever felt here in Oklahoma. I was over at a friend’s house watching episodes of The Walking Dead (which had me freaked out already) when the house started to shake and books fell off the shelf. I was sure it was the zombies. There was another one last night, but not as strong. My dogs are still freaked out.

But in better news….on top of Megan’s fabulous sale last week, I have one of my own to announce. I’ve sold an Elizabethan mystery series to NAL!! If you read this blog very often, you know about my deep love of this period, and I am so, so excited about these books. The first one opens in autumn 1558, in the dangerous days right before Elizabeth becomes queen. She is under house arrest at Hatfield, and when Queen Mary’s cruel agent is murdered and all of Elizabeth’s household is under suspicion, she asks Kate Haywood (my heroine!) to investigate for her. Kate is the daughter of Elizabeth’s music master, and a blossoming musician herself, so music and dance will definitely play a big role in these stories. (Book two will center around Elizabeth’s coronation…)

To celebrate, this weekend I went to listen to the Baltimore Consort (see their website here), a fabulous group that performs medieval and Renaissance music. It was very inspiring and lots of fun! (and a way to get away from all the Christmas ads on TV…I am NOT READY for Christmas!). If you enjoy early music like I do (I own far more CDs of lute music than one person should) you should check them out.

What have you been doing this week? Any earthquakes or storms in your area? And do you like to read mysteries???