I recently heard there’s a new version of PERSUASION in the works! It’s a TV version currently planned for sometime in 2007, directed by Adrian Shergold. I found this information at IMDB and of course anything might change, but it looks intriguing so far.

The role of Anne Elliott will be played by Sally Hawkins. Here’s a picture of her playing the character of Sue Trinder in Fingersmith, a BBC series set in Victorian London.

Rupert Penry-Jones is cast as Captain Wentworth. Here’s a shot of him as Adam Carter in Spooks. He’s also played St. John Rivers in a production of Jane Eyre.

I don’t know much more about these actors. I’m not sure which of their past works have made it across the pond and I’m way behind in TV and films anyway. Does anyone know more about them?

It’s hard to imagine anything to top the beautifully done 1995 version starring Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root. But then I felt that way about the 1995 version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and still enjoyed the very different interpretation of the story by Matthew McFadyen and Keira Knightly. I’m definitely open to a new version, which could be particularly interesting if it’s not under the time constraints of the 1995 version.

While I was googling around (it’s an addiction I try to fight-usually!) I also ran across this 1971 version, a 5-part miniseries starring Ann Firbank and Bryan Marshall. Has anyone seen this and what did you think? Am I wrong in thinking the guy’s hair looks a tad Victorian?

Anyway, if anyone knows more about the 2007 production, please share!

LADY DEARING’S MASQUERADE, RT Reviewers’ Choice, Best Regency Romance of 2005