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By this time, nearly two weeks after the start of 2006, most people (okay, me) have probably already slacked off on their New Year’s Resolutions. I resolved to run every morning, go to more yoga classes, eat more leafy green veggies and less candy, read more “good for me” literature, spend less time online. Yada yada yada. Now, here I sit with a bag full of Hershey’s Nuggets searching for goodies on Ebay.

I’m not sure if resolutions were a big part of Regency life, but I did start wondering–if they were, what would all our favorite people of the period (fictional and real-life) resolve to do? For instance, some of Austen’s characters:
Elizabeth Bennett–resolve to be less proud (or prejudiced?) and emulate her sister Jane more in her dealings with people
Mr. Darcy–ditto (except for the Jane bit)
Emma Woodhouse–make no more matches. After she sees the new girl in town settled.
Mary Crawford–steer clear of clueless future vicars
Jane Fairfax–take a loooong, solitary vacation on the Continent, courtesy of her late aunt-in-law’s jewels
Catherine Norland–read fewer horrid novels and more Fordyce’s Sermons. Just as soon as she sees what’s behind the locked door in Chapter Ten…

Of course, this can be done for all manner of people. Caro Lamb–hmm, maybe she’d resolve on less waltzing, or maybe moving out of her in-laws’ house. Byron could resolve to stick to his diet of boiled potatoes (if only he had heard of Atkins…). Your task–should you choose to accept is–is to let us know what your favorite character/figure might have as their New Year’s resolution. For instance, Prinny maybe. Or Emma Hamilton and Admiral Nelson. Harriette Wilson, Prinny, the Patronesses of Almack’s, Sarah Siddons, Percy and Mary Shelley. What would they desire for 2006? (Or 1806, as the case may be!)

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