When this final installment of Harry Potter arrived in the bookstores, I knew there going to be people who stayed up reading until they finished. I figured there was going to be a flurry of spoilers out there and I was almost afraid to go on the net for fear of them. I really prefer to read books knowing as little as possible beforehand. All I want to know is the genre and the overall tone of the book, because sometimes I’m in the mood for something heavier and sometimes not.

So I was a bit surprised that no spoilers came my way. I’m sure I could have found out the answers to all those questions of who would live and who would die if I had really wanted to. But the media (at least what I watch and read) didn’t give anything away. All my friends in cyberspace were discreet. My children were at camp the week after the book came out and there was a rule that anyone caught talking about the book would have to dress like a clown.

So my oldest child and I were able to read the book through the way we like, unfolding as written. I’m glad of it.

Though the term “spoiler” is a bit extreme. If knowing what happens ahead of time were really a spoiler, I’d never reread a book or watch a screen adaptation. There has to be more to a story that’s worth experiencing. Still the first time–as with anything else!–is special.

Then there are the people who can’t wait to know. A friend of mine who hasn’t had time to get to read HP7 yet pumped me for answers over drinks. She truly prefres knowing things ahead of time. She often speed-reads to get major plot points and then goes back later for a deeper read.

So how about you? Do you ever skip ahead or do you prefer not to know? Did anyone “spoil” your HP7 experience? Let us know but remember camp rules: anyone giving out spoilers has to wear a clown nose!


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