So we’ve just returned from a vacation to the South–Charleston, South Carolina, to be specific.

While there, we went to a few beach restaurants–casual atmosphere, cheap beer, delicious crabs–and there were a lot of  twentysomethings as well. That was interesting, since in my daily life I don’t see the age of the people about whom I’m writing. And I don’t see Southern people ever, so there were two different things about the people I got to observe.

Man, twentysomethings are very different from me. Something to keep in mind as I write their romances.

It’s easy to think that because you’ve experienced things–yes, I was twentysomething once–that you know all about it. But then seeing people interact in ways you just wouldn’t imagine reminds you (or me, at least) that no, I don’t know it all. So maybe my characters will behave in ways that I wouldn’t expect, even as their authors, because of their different perspective.

Which is a long way of saying I am very excited to return to writing. Hope everyone had a great holiday, if you’re American or Canadian, and otherwise had a lovely week.