Apologies for missing last Friday–I wish I could say I was swept up in some fabulous adventure, but I was working, got busy, and totally flaked.

But anyhoo. I am here now, and that is all to the good.
Today, this afternoon, in fact, I am getting a second tattoo to join the first I got with fellow Risky Carolyn Jewel (Amanda has promised to consider it when we are together, too). My first is a hosta plant on my right hip, a tribute to my maternal grandmother, who was a hosta proselytizer (say it out loud, it rolls right off the tongue!) in her adopted home of Minnetonka Beach, MN.
The second will be visible, unlike the first, on my left wrist. It’ll be a two inch by one and a half inch picture of a book, very similar–exactly like, in fact–the picture above. This one is inspired by my dad, an unrepentant bibliophile, albeit a non-fiction one. My dad would likely chastise me for doing something like this, but also be secretly pleased at the honor. Loving books is definitely something he passed on to me, and it’s been a good thing in so many ways. I figure, too, I’ll never tire of books like I might, say, if I got my favorite band tattooed on my arm back in the day.
Plus I’ve been assured it won’t be as painful to get as the one on my hip, which is apparently one of the most painful spots. I like that I will always have a book, no matter where I am.
If I can, I’ll post pics of the actual thing next week.
What have you done to honor or pay tribute to people you love?