In one week, on Tuesday September 26, is the Gamester Contest!!! Just leave a comment on that day’s Risky Regencies post talking about MY LADY GAMESTER, and be entered to win!

To learn about the great prizes (including an eighty-page, lavishly illustrated Pride & Prejudice “FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION” Book, a biography of the Prince Regent, and a souvenir guidebook from the Bath Assembly Rooms & Museum of Costume) or to read the complete rules, click here.

Remember — your comments don’t have to be flattering. They don’t have to be clever, or witty, or insightful. They just have to reflect what you really thought about the book.

Now for today’s question: what book was so wonderful that you couldn’t put it down? What book do you reread frequently, or tell your friends “you have to read this!” What book makes you ask “How does she do that?” or “Why can’t every book be like this?”

Or is there a whole series, or an author, that excites you that way? Or more than one author? Please share!

All opinions welcome!

Cara King — author of MY LADY GAMESTER
Booksellers’ Best Award
for Best Regency of 2005