Am recovering from a bit of under-the-weatherness today, so let’s look at some pretty pictures!!!  I read that May 7, 1664 was the day Louis XIV “officially” opened Versailles as the center of his court.  I had a wonderful time on my visit to this magical place a few years ago, wandering the (crowded) halls and gardens, imagining myself in a pink brocade gown and towering hairdo, carrying my little dog and whispering gossip behind my fan with my friends (and holding up a perfume pomade to get away from the smell!!).  Here are a few of my favorite places there:

VersaillesBlog1 VersaillesBlog2 VersaillesBlog3 VersaillesBlog5 VersaillesBlog6 VersaillesBlog7 VersaillesBlog8VersaillesHameau VersaillesPetit2 VersaillesPetitRoom

You can read more about the history of Versailles here at their official site….

Where would you like to visit again??  Do you have any good memories of Versailles, or places there you love?