I decided what this Risky birthday needs is a party! But where to have it, who to invite, what to serve, and most importantly what to wear??? These are big questions–it’s not every month we turn 4.

First of all, I know who not to invite. The Mad Men characters for a start. Sure, they wear fabulous clothes and would bring great booze, but then they would just sit around smoking and being all bitter and passive-aggressive and full of sub-text. I might try and borrow one of Betty’s dresses, though. She might be a terrible mother, but that girl can really dress.

Not the crazed Bon Temps crew, either. No dirt-eating orgies, please. (But Eric can come to the party. Which means we have to have it at night, natch).

And not Byron and Caro Lamb (or any of his other women, especially that wet blanket Lady Byron. I don’t want any stabbings or broken furniture. No poetry, either)

We could invite Jane Austen (though she’d probably just sit there and make fun of everyone’s outfits); the Brontes (I bet Emily won’t come); Emma Hamilton (she would bring the good-looking men); Madame du Barry and Diane Poitiers (ditto); the Duchess of Devonshire and her sister (they can run the card-playing). And maybe Julia Child–I bet she would be awesome, and bring something yummy to eat. And whoever else wants to come!

So now, where to have it? I love that scene in the movie Marie Antoinette where they have the outdoor supper under the tent, so we’ll have it at the Temple of Love at the Petit Trianon. (Which means we have to invite Marie Antoinette and her crew, I guess).

We’ll have champagne, 10 different kinds of tea, and cupcakes! (But nothing from Cake Wrecks…) We’ll have music, too, something to dance to.

But that is all just the beginning! Who would you invite to be your guest at the party (because you are all invited, of course). What would you wear? What sorts of food and music should we have? And to 1 commenter I will give a Harlequin anniversary tote bag and calendar, plus a signed copy of Spirited Brides.

Happy Birthday to us, and to you, our wonderful readers! And here’s to many more…