Although I do not claim anything close to the knowledge of the expert Kalen Hughes, I love clothing, and the history of clothing is a continuing fascination for me. I like art that is useful, whether it’s Heywood-Wakefield furniture, a Frank Lloyd Wright house, or a Christian Lacroix gown. I remember back when I read Barbara Cartland, she had a book where her heroine was taken to France and given an entire wardrobe from the house of Charles Frederick Worth, who’s called the “father of haute couture.” This week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened an exhibit dedicated to Paul Poiret, who is credited for inventing the modern brassiere, and for his luxurious Art Deco and Oriental designs. I could look at his clothes all day. Anyway, I am planning to take a precious day and make a visit to the Met so I can see the exhibit myself (Reason #794 I love living in New York: Museums.).

One of the reasons the Regency appeals so much to me is the clothing–the high-waisted gowns, flowing, gauzy fabrics, and classical design. That’s the shallow reason I don’t think I could ever write a Victorian novel–while the period is fantastic for innovation, I really don’t like the fashion that much. Hugh skirts and hoops and boning and corsets and ridiculous hats do not float my boat as much as the Grecian influence of the earlier times.

Do you have a favorite designer? A favorite fashion icon? How about a favorite period in fashion?