Deb Marlowe’s question about book trailers on Amanda’s post Saturday got me thinking about promotion. Believe me, after you get that magical, most-sought-after, long desired book contract, you immediately start agonizing about promotion. After wanting so desperately to get the book published now you want the book to do well. That means promotion.

I haven’t a clue what promotion really works so I’m asking our Risky Regency community. What works for you?

I’m not talking about reviews or word-of-mouth or bookcovers or backcover copy, because we really have no control over those things. I mean the promotion we do have control over, the kind that helps you remember the book or the author.

Are you influenced by Book Trailers?
Here is one I think is great! So clever. Done by Diana Holquist.
Speaking of clever, you can’t beat these by fellow Wet Noodle Posse Noodler Jill Monroe, for her Primal Instincts and another for Gena Showalter’s Savor Me Slowly.

What about websites? We’re told a website is an essential promotional tool. Last year I made a big investment in a new website. Do you think a website is important? If so, why?

Do you think the cover of Romantic Times magazine helps you remember a book or its author?

How about an ad in RT?

What about banner ads? I don’t do many of those but I wonder if they are good advertising.

How about promotional materials? Totes? T-shirts? Here are some I did through as contest prizes.

This is my absolute favorite promotional item that I’ve ever done. I only gave away a limited number and I didn’t care if they were effective or not. They were sooooo much fun. (Get it? It’s a “Reputable Rake”)

What about things like magnets, Do Not Disturb signs, mirrors, emery boards (love those!), chip clips, pens, pencils–all those thing we get in conference goody bags and goody rooms? I’ve never done any of those.

And last of all—Bookmarks!!
I always do bookmarks for my books and I really love them, because you can carry them with you easily and you can give them out at booksignings or anywhere! I often give them out like business cards.

Do you like bookmarks?

Sometimes photography is used in promotion. Like this promotional photo from PS I Love You (Gerard Butler reclining, Keira!)Lots of questions here, Riskies…..Tell me what you think!