So, what hooks you?

Is it a dynamic family? A writing style? A multi-book mystery? What makes you stick with an author for the duration of a series? I’m thinking about it for a couple of reasons; first is that I gave my friend Kwana my copy of Tessa Dare‘s Goddess Of The Hunt, she read it, and twittered that she is hooked, and is going to have to get the second and third books of the series. Me, too, I chimed in.

Next is that I am eagerly awaiting Lilith Saintcrow‘s next release in the Jill Kismet series, her fourth. Jill has a pretty smokin’ boyfriend, but it’s not romance, but urban fantasy (I think; I get so muddled up on genre). I followed Saintcrow through all of her Dante Valentine series, and have yet to take her off the autobuy list.

Last is that I am super excited for the HBO mini-series of George R.R. Martin‘s Game of Thrones, starring one of my fave dishes, Sean Bean. That series is a commitment, people! I’ve read two of the 900+ page books, with at least two more to go, and I know I’m going to make it. (Of course, I have visions of me lying on my deathbed with the last book in the series clutched in my dying hands, but that’s another story).

Many, many people read all the way through Julia Quinn‘s Bridgerton family; others (self included) read all of Mary Balogh‘s Slightly series; still others are getting through all gazillion books in Robert Jordan‘s Wheel Of Time fantasy series (I put my foot down on that one–over 11 books? No way. I WOULD be dead before finishing all of those).

So–why do you like or don’t like series? What series do you still follow? Which ones did you give up on?


PS: I’ll be in Jersey, too this weekend, listening to Janet‘s lovely accent. If you’re there and you see me, say hi!