This week has been a crazy one, crazier than usual; I had my friend from Portland, OR, in town (I refer to her as the Picky Vegetarian because, well, she is: the woman hates tofu, in addition to many other things), my mother-in-law returned home, and then I had another in a series of unpleasant dental appointments (’nuff said on that; just floss already, okay?). Not to mention I’m trying to write and was editing on a tight deadline for a friend whose agent is prepping to take her book out.

So I’m gonna skip around topics. First off, the picture above is of me and the aforementioned PV at this replica of Stonehenge a guy built as tribute to fallen WWI soldiers (he was mistakenly told that Stonehenge was a sacrificial site, so built the faux ‘henge as a reminder that “humanity is still being sacrificed to the god of war.”

It was very cool, and the accompanying museum–his mansion, with all his quirky treasures–was delightful. Plus the town has a winery, so you know I was happy.

Then, I had to howl at today’s post at Awful Library Books; after all, isn’t this what we write every day, only with less cartoony covers?

(What would you most want a boy to know about you, by the way?)

And last, I have been continuing to try to write every day–not always succeeding, but my good friend Kwana is threatening to kick my ass if I don’t. And I believe her (plus, she doesn’t live far away; Carolyn Jewel has threatened the same, but she’s in California. She has to wait until our annual face-time at the National Conference to follow through on her threat, whereas Kwana can just drive half an hour).

So thanks for bearing with me as I’m all over the place, but what else is new, and maybe share how some friend helped YOU out recently. Or what you want a boy to know about you, or what you really want to know about boys.



PS: LeBron, if you’re out there? New York is a lovely place. Just saying.