Today (I am writing this on Thursday) has been a rotten, rotten day. Not for any pointable reason, which might make it okay; no, I’ve just meandered around, not getting anything done, and done is how I like things.

I tried to write, but came up with a paltry page of kinda meh words. Not sure if they will survive in the next 24 hours. So rather than gripe (ahem! it’s a change of pace, okay?), I thought I’d make a list of what is, or might be able to, make me happy:

Clive (Thanks to Colleen Gleason for letting me know this was out there).
Friends (see above).
Getting the new Loretta Chase from Amazon.
Having my eyebrows threaded so I don’t look lopsided, or constantly surprised.
Starting a new book while waiting for Loretta Chase to arrive (um . . . not her, precisely, but her book), hopefully one with lots of gratuitous sex scenes.
Spring time might finally be here?
New black socks.
Mortgage rates went down today; we’re in contract for a house, haven’t yet locked in a rate.
I inherited my husband’s old iPod, and spent my subway time listening to Chemical Brothers–gotta get me some of those ‘Block Rockin’ Beats!’
Did I mention we are buying a house? In Brooklyn? NO MORE WHITE RENTAL PAINT!
My friend returned my copy of Persuasion, so I can watch Ciaran Hinds be all remote and hurt until he’s not. Le sigh.

What are your Reasons To Be Cheerful?


*You remember Ian Dury and the Blockheads, right? They also did “Sex And Drugs And Rock’n’Roll” and “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”