Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you’ve all recovered from the post-holidays. I’ve been working on the next book and trying to get back to exercising and NOT eating leftover Christmas candy.

I’ve also been reading fashion magazines and some celebrity gossip blogs while pretending to write. And something struck me when I was reading that Katy Perry and Russell Brand split after 14 months of marriage (something besides the fact that I thought “If she had just read a couple chapters of My Bookie Wook she would have totally known he was not a good husband bet” that is…). In romance novels we’re always asked to suspend disbelief and trust that a man with a, er, colorful past (say,your average historical Duke of Slut, TM) will meet his True Love and happily settle down for life with nary a thought to his old wild ways. Or that a marriage of convenience will work out to romantic bliss every time. Stuff like that.

I have been reading romances a long time, and I’ve also been dating a long time. I’ve never taken my dating cues from books (there are no dukes around here, for one thing). Aside from the fact that I learned one valuable lesson from these stories that has always served me well–never stay with someone who doesn’t treat you well, doesn’t respect you for who you are, or just plain doesn’t feel right. That can mean it takes longer to find the Right One maybe, but then it’s a lot easier to spot him when he does come along…

What life lessons have you learned from romance novels? Which lessons would you stay clear of? And have you read anything good lately??