First, a mea culpa: I am so, so sorry for not posting last Friday. I was away, and internet access was nonexistent.

But where were you, Megan, that you couldn’t share your wisdom with us?

I was at the Jersey shore. Now, before you go making cracks, let me tell you that the town I was in is a dry town, founded by Methodists, and a far cry from Snooki et al‘s stomping grounds.

It had, in fact, a lot in common with Regency romance novels:

–In Jersey, social gatherings take place at the boardwalk; in the Regency era, it’s Almack’s.
–Drunkenness is frowned upon.
–Teens parade in front of each other for potential romantic coupling.
–There are very few places people can go to engage in PDAs. You have to get creative.
–Old ladies are constantly judging.
–You take the waters at the beach in Jersey, in Bath in Regency novels.

And now the summer is over! I hope everyone had a lovely one. I am happy to be back to my routine, although I do miss the lobster patties pizza.