Much as I love Hot Guys (except Brad Pitt, of course), what does that have to do with the Regency?

Never mind……. Who Cares? Megan’s Hot Guys blog was one of our most popular. Goodness, Megan received 30 comments! (nine of them from me complaining about Brad Pitt)

In any event, I am, you know, always striving to be relevant and true to our quest to learn and share as much as possible about the Regency; therefore, today I am presenting to you my

Regency Hot Guys

These images were gathered on my 2005 England trip. I took photos of paintings and miniatures everywhere we went. If I had been organized, I would also have recorded who these gentlemen were, but, alas, when have I ever been organized?

Vote for your favorite! Those of you who pick first can claim the gentleman, as we all claimed our favorites on Megan’s blog.

Number One: Who else but Beau Brummell?

Number Two: The Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, Lord Byron

Number Three: This fellow looks (gasp!) Victorian, but maybe you fancy all that facial hair.

Number Four: Perhaps you cannot resist a man in uniform.

Number Five: Or maybe this sensitive Regency fellow pushes your “hot” button.

Number Six: Maybe you prefer a man who is more serious.

Number Seven: Or you might like your Hot Guy to be a little more…Georgian, so you can run your fingers through his powdered hair.

Number Eight: Or perhaps you like him to be very Georgian. Nothing like a Hot Guy dressed in pink.

Number Nine: Now here’s a fellow I would call the “Sean Penn” of the Regency.

Number Ten: Last, but definitely not least, is this intense young man. Do you go for that long-haired type?

Okay! Time to vote.
And if you can identify any of my Regency Hot Guys (besides Brummell and Byron, I mean) please do so. You won’t get a prize but I’ll be grateful.