I thought I’d try to write some Regency limericks…and so here goes!

Scientific discussions at White’s,
All too frequently ended in fights.
Until one gloomy day
When Beau Brummell did say:
“Far better invent brighter lights!”

Tom Belcher yelled “Miserable brat!
He’s splattered mud on my cravat!”
But Brummell looked glad,
And said “Don’t hit the lad,
You’ll be famous for looking like that.”

This world lit by candle and lamp,
Which all bears the Regency stamp,
Seems quite free and easy
In flicks from the BBC,
But the real thing was cold and too damp.

Anyone else want to give it a try? Or revise my limericks?

Cara King, who is hoping Bertie will write one in a comment…