I have an exciting, busy week ahead of me. Today I pick up my friend Melissa James from the airport. Melissa is my Australian friend living in Switzerland and is coming for a visit and to attend the Washington Romance Writers Spring Retreat. Tomorrow we are taking a quick trip to New York City so that Melissa can meet with her agent, coming back on Wednesday. Thursday Melissa’s friend Mia Zachary is coming to spend the day with us and we are going to my friend Lisa Dyson’s house to have a critique group, also including Darlene Gardner. Friday to Sunday we go to the Retreat. Next Monday, I take Melissa back to the airport.

Whew!! I’m exhausted just writing this!
So, today, all I have time for is a poll I’ve devised for….no reason at all!
Diane’s Regency Poll
Pick your favorite:
a. Wellington
b. Napoleon
a. Keats
b. Shelley
a. Austen
b. Brunton
a. Thomas Lawrence
b. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
a. Floris Scent Shop
b. Gunter’s Tea Shop
a. George Brummell
b. Banastre Tarleton
a. Elizabeth Armistead
b. Harriette Wilson
a. Vauxhall Gardens
b. Astley’s Amphitheatre
a. Castlereagh
b. Sidmouth
a. Brighton Pavillion
b. Gretna Green
How many a’s did you score? How many b’s?
The more a’s you have, the more you think like me!
What Regency choices would you create? Add to my poll.
This Thursday at Diane’s Blog, I’ll tell you about my New York trip with Melissa! Next Monday here you’ll hear about the Retreat.