I’m about to start writing Leo’s Story, my Diamonds of Welbourne Manor book. Amanda’s The Shy Duchess will be out in March and Deb Marlowe’s How To Marry a Rake comes in May. And here I am not even started….

When starting an Historical, of course, research is essential. Over the years, I’ve compiled a bunch of bookmarked websites about the Regency to help with research, but, let me tell you, nothing I have is as thorough as this list on Jane Austen’s World.

Take a moment to look at this list! It’s so comprehensive.

Some of my go-to websites appear here, like:

Correct Forms of Address This website always answers any question I have about titles, precedence, and all matters relating to address.

The Regency Reference Book
Emily Hendrickson’s book is a treasure in itself in all the information she presents. This is a book you have to buy but is well worth the cost. I love that it is now on CD because I can search it so easily.

The Georgian Index
I love this site for many reasons, but one reason I return to it over and over is to find specific shops in London, so my characters can visit real places on real streets.

Greenwood’s Map of London
I get very particular about where my characters live and how they walk around London, so this map of London in 1827 works very well for me.

There are so many more research sites listed at Jane Austen’s World, I could spend a year exploring.

Take a look at the site and pick out one of the links that intrigued you. Or tell me your favorite research site.

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